Get Your Incredible "Wolf Fang" Tactical Strike Pen At Huge Savings Today!

It's Intimidating With A Mean Bite! - Unlike any other Tactical Pen you’ve seen, the “Wolf Fang” is a new hybrid self-defense tool. Carried by the Secret Service and U.S. Military as a tool to stop larger assailants without consequence.

This discreet self-defense tool will give you the confidence you need to protect yourself knowing it’s designed to immediately take the fight out of any assailant, regardless of their size.

You can get this lightweight, powerful, and extremely durable Tactical Pen for only $8.75 right now - saving you over $200 off the actual value.


The Intimidating Military-Grade Tactical Pen Specs:

Super Hard Anodizing Aviation Aluminum Body - instantly take out your assailant or even break vehicle glass.
Diamond Forged Tip With DNA Collector Head - for that extra evidence to make your case a no-brainer.
Allowed Through Security Checkpoints So You’re Always Prepared - since it’s also a high quality, fully functional pen!
Diamond Sculpted Comfort Fit Handle - provides a no slip grip for a solid strike.
Uses Standard To High Quality Ink Refills - found at any local office supply store.
Includes 1 Extra Ink Refill - the pen actually writes smooth as silk and you’ll find yourself using it daily. So the extra ink refill cartridge will come in handy!

Check Out What Others Had To Say About Their New “Wolf Fang” Tactical Pen!

Alonzo D. Caldwell

12 February 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

Awesome! I got a few of these tactical pens just so I could have one within reach wherever I am. Thanks!

Hector Washington

21 April 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

Wish I got one of these free sooner... I paid over$200 about 6 months ago for a similar model before found this free deal. It’s just as strong as the full price version!

Karen K. Perryman

05 March 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

Wish they come in more colors but I can’t complain since it’s a really expensive defense tool for free :) I literally just tested the “ice break” test and split a huge chunk of ice in half with a single blow. I feel bad for anyone that actually takes a hit to the head with one of these LOL

Martin S. Polk

24 May 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

I don’t know how this company is able to give these away for free like this. It really is a high quality tactical pen for self defense AND the pen writes really smooth. I use the pen every day in the office.

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