"The Pioneer Survival Guide - Over 150 Years Of Tested And Proven Survival Strategies, Techniques, And Recipes Your Ancestors Wanted You To Have!"

Pioneer Survivor Guide

It's no surprise that our pioneer ancestors were the ultimate survivalists.

You and I would NOT be here today if they hadn't learned how to survive in the harshest conditions.

Their day to day life was a complete struggle WITHOUT electricity, refrigeration, freezers, Internet, computers, vaccines, grocery stores, law enforcement, health insurance, hospitals or many other amenities that you and I live with today.

That's why within "The Pioneer Survival Guide" you'll discover EVERYTHING you need to keep your family ALIVE during even the worst crisis, disaster, or catastrophe.

Whether the next crisis is man-made or by Mother Nature you WILL survive in comfort and security while everyone else is unprepared and scavenging through the leftovers.

- Caveman Chris
Modern Day Survivalist

Here's Just A Small Sneak Peek Of What You'll
Discover In The "Pioneer Survivor Guide":

  • How to make the ultimate survival food that can last years in your food stockpile without refrigeration or freezers. Within moments you'll have delicious, highly nutritious, high-energy, stomach filling survival food rich with vitamins, nutrients, calories, amino acids, omegas, antioxidants and, most importantly, clean protein. It's also lightweight and easily portable in case you need it for your bugout bag. You can even use this strategy starting today to help you eat healthy while saving hundreds a year on grocery bills!
  • How to collect and store clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Dysentery, caused by poor hygiene and unclean drinking water, creates an infection in the intestines resulting in severe diarrhea with the presence of blood and mucus in the feces and has painfully killed more pioneers than we can imagine. Without this single technique you and your entire family will perish within just a few days. But by using this simple science you’ll have something more valuable than gold to bargain with and get anything you want during a crisis!
  • How to start a fire for cooking, heating during the coldest weather, medicinal uses, or lighting up the darkest of nights choosing from several different techniques so you can always rely on the one technique that's easiest for you! Including the Hand Drill, Fire Plough, Flint and Steel, creating Char Cloth and even the most reliable of techniques as shown on page 73.
  • How to become the ultimate field medic and overcome the #1 killer during any crisis. As we saw from many of the most recent crises such as Hurricane Katrina, the #1 killer wasn’t starvation or dehydration, but infections! When there's no doctor on call or hospitals are packed full, you'll discover how to make a modern day first aid kit while also relying on natural remedies to fight off life threatening infections that have stood the test of time.
  • I don't want you to assume sleeping in the woods is a 'pre-requisite' to surviving during anarchy: The included limited-edition 'Bunker Bible' will show you 7 different designs on how to build your very own underground bunker or private shelter, for next to nothing.
  • You'll also discover much, MUCH more! Such as how to; create a root cellar for proper storage, create a survival garden, foraging for foods, developing bartering skills, home and self-defense to safeguard your stockpiles and family, making candles, soap making, repairing and reusing everyday items, raising and breeding animals, riding horseback, keeping bees, multiple cooking recipes, trapping animals, hunting wild game, and so much more it can't all be listed here!
  • The "Pioneer Survival Guide" was crafted by me, "Caveman Chris", after studying and combining over 150 years of historically tested and proven pioneer survival techniques all while testing that information on myself to live off the land 6 days of the week for 13 years and counting, to prepare myself, and others, on how to keep your family breathing during any national crisis once civilization, as we know it, is utterly destroyed. Make no mistake about it; this is pure survival at its finest!
  • And I've made things so simple anyone from a Soccer Mom to White Collar Office Professionals can do it with ease. Although even the most experienced survivalist will, without a doubt, learn something new. And that's a promise I intend to keep you!
  • The next time you look a family member in the eyes to tell them "I love you" ... Though I know you truly mean it... Take the steps you must take today to PRESERVE that love, by getting your "Pioneer Survival Guide" right now... Because once the Government collapses and all hell breaks loose, those "I Love Yous" are going to ring HOLLOW as a drum if you don't protect your family with this survival guide today. You have nothing to lose, only the Love and survival of you and your family to maintain.

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