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  • Nearly indestructible and completely blood & waterproof this is the go-to survival knife for every situation!
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The 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife Is The Sharpest And Most Durable In The World - Guaranteed!

Engineered from corrosion resistant stainless steel blade so it’s completely blood & waterproof while being nearly indestructible under maximum abuse. Blade length is 9.5cm (3.74”).
Razor sharp edge & serrated edge with a drop point design tip that will never snap so you can stab, cut, slice, or carve through just about anything such as rubber, hard plastic, soft metals, cured leather, and especially flesh for self-defense or deer hide for the outdoorsman.
Secure grip handle with specialized thumb ridges so you can stab, slash, and cut with nonslip precision. Made from anodized aluminum so it’s durable and lightweight at only 165g (5.8oz).
At the base end there’s a seatbelt cutter & glass breaker if you’re ever stuck in your car and need to make a quick escape. The glass breaker doubles as a strike tool so you can defend yourself without using lethal force.
Bottle opener on the backside of the thick blade so you never have to struggle opening a cold-one.
Convenient LED light so you can cut safely & precisely even in the dark. With over 12 hours of bright, consistent light on a single battery.
Fire Starter that’s also waterproof so you can spark up a blaze in a moment’s notice lighting up the darkest or coldest of nights.
New modern design makes it perfect for hunters, fishermen, camping, survival adventures, emergency situations, any outdoor activities, and even around your home or yard.
You're covered by our Unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee: if the 6-in-1 Survival Knife ever does fail, we'll replace it free (just pay the shipping cost).

Check Out What Others Had To Say About Their New Knife!

Sean Walton

12 February 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

This knife is awesome! I carry mine wherever I go!

Jayne Lau

21 April 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

Glad I got mine when I did. I saw a full priced version on another Website and I probably would of bought it there and paid too much. Thanks!

Chris Anthemum

05 March 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

I'm not a hunter but I do take my knife with me when I go for a jog. Just makes me feel more secure knowing I can at least scare someone off by flashing this mean looking thing LOL!

Carolyn Gunn

24 May 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

I got one for my husband and he loves it! He's always collected or restored knives so I just knew he would like this one And I do love a freebie! :)

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